Sunday, September 25, 2011

La forêt géométrique

The Luxembourg garden is composed of three primary gardens. The first is the very formal French garden directly in line with the north-south axis of the palace. This is where the bassin and fountain are located. Along the western edge of the park are the English style gardens with their curves and more natural looking plantings. Between the two is the geometric forest, with trees planted in what's called a quinconce (quincunx) pattern, an alignment of groups of five laid out like the five side on a standard six-sided die.

A diagonal path through the geometric forest. Click to quincunxinate.

The result is a stunning array of trees that line up in every direction you look. Paths through the forest follow the alignments north and south, east and west, and diagonally. Not being a landscape architect, I didn't know this layout had a name nor that it is one of the standard patterns for orchards. I'm learning this as I go along. Ah, the wonders of the internet!


  1. Enjoying your posts on the Jardin du Luxembourg and area. It's bringing back good memories. When I 1st visited Paris as a teenager with my mom these were some of the places she took me to. We stayed near Saint Suplice. She'd lived and worked in Paris in the '50s and the 6/5eme was her 'coin'.

  2. This is beautiful. Did you paint it?

  3. Interesting about the layout. I think the Tuileries is done the same way.

  4. Walt

    Thanks for the info on the visit. Will plan ahead and make sure to reserve for our next trip to Paris.

  5. I've missed these beautiful pictures. I haven't stopped by in awhile (my apologies).

    Gorgeous as always.

  6. I like these types of 'forests'. They do look very much like the orange orchards in South Florida.

  7. n&a, thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    mark, ha!

    evelyn, there are lots of allées in the Tuileries... I wonder. I'll have to look it up!

    tb, good luck!

    rick, I know you've been busy! Bandit told me...

    starman, they are pretty, even in winter when there are no leaves.

  8. "...I Love Paris In The Fall..."


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