Monday, September 05, 2011

The dog

As many of you know, Callie does not like to ride in the car. She does it, but under protest. Once we get where we're going, however, she's quickly back to her old self. Especially if there are tennis balls to chase.

Callie checks out a bug on the little road near our rental house.

I brought one of her balls with us, and Evelyn and Lewis brought her two new ones from America. She was in tennis ball heaven! We kept up the routine of a morning walk and an evening walk while we were in Normandy. It was nice that we were in a place where a leash wasn't necessary, so it was just like home.

At one point a rabbit crossed the road and Callie chased it into the cornfield for a few seconds. She does the same thing at home, it's just that instead of corn we have grape vines.


  1. Like the colour separation Walt... very neat!! Callie positively glows!

  2. Missing Callie, but have Rosie here for a week or so. Rosie also gets two walks a day and likes tennis balls, but not quite as much as Callie does.

    Up at 3:33 this am! Hello jet lag.

  3. It looks like Callie's in Oz, but the fields are Kansas. How do you do that! Rhetorical question. Don't answer. I know I'd never understand.

  4. Very clever Walt! Poor Callie and cars. Boris loves going in the car, but gets antsy after about 20 minutes!

  5. I'll bet you don't let her lean out the window. Dogs love that.

  6. Afterall, it is in the job description.

  7. tim, thanks. She glows naturally. ;)

    evelyn, enjoy!

    kristi, it has to do with removing colors using photoshop.

    craig, I think she's getting used to it, but she does not enjoy it.

    starman, heck, I can't even get her to stand up in the back seat, let alone look out the window!

    alewis, yup!

    michael, so true.


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