Saturday, October 01, 2011

L'homme aux lunettes vertes

The closest métro stop to our language school was Saint-Placide on the rue de Rennes. On days when it was raining or too cold to walk to school, I could duck into the subway near the pension and ride two stops to this station, then walk the couple of blocks to school.

The title of this post refers to the guy on the right in the photo. I also like how the woman on the left almost looks like the woman in the ad poster. Click to metronate.

You can see the Café Saint Placide on the left which is also a news stand and smoke shop. It gets lots of traffic since it's right next to the station exit. I used to buy cigarettes there; I smoked when I lived in Paris. Across the street is the Trait d'Union café. Thirty years ago that was a traditional French café, but it's been recently updated and is now a very "hip" drinking establishment complete with video screens, trendy music, and plush sofas. You can't stop progress.

Just behind where I'm standing to take this picture was a great little bakery, and it's still there. I used to buy one of my favorite pastries there, a mille-feuille (a Napoleon), on my way home from class.


  1. Many years ago I discovered this section of Paris when I stayed at the Holiday Inn around the corner from the metro entrance. I have since stayed there many times. You can walk to all the Left Bank sights and the two metro line stops ( St. Placide and Rennes ) make it easy to zip all over Paris. The Le Nezard bakery across the street from the metro entrance had the best tarte au citron!

  2. You found interesting things in this photo. The woman could be the model in the ad for all we know...

    I used to smoke in Paris, too. Now I dislike all the smoke in the cafes, guess I'm a grumpy old lady now;)

  3. Our memories from that year are with us forever, aren't they? Some of it feels so close :)

    I remember that it was at this Métro stop--actually at the newsstand you mention-- that I first saw the news that Diana, Princess of Wales, was expecting her first little wee royal :)) Their marriage was just a month before we started school.

    Thanks for this photo :)


  4. Is there a relationship between the girl wearing the tan jacket on the left and the girl in the video screen? This scene looks very cosmopolitan and trendy. Unlike anything we have here in Gayberry, DE.

  5. Yes, there's a lot of interesting detail in the photo. The woman on the left does look like she stepped right off the poster (and cut off about a foot of her coat). I like the way she's holding up her smart phone while she rummages in her purse.

    And there's a woman in a purple top crossing the street that you see between the two guys on the right, and also reflected in the Cafe Saint Placide's window on the far left.

  6. I'm catching up on your posts, Walt. That is a great shot of the woman in front of the café and the poster.
    Today was "Bloom Where You're Planted" at the American Church -- for English-speaking newcomers to Paris. Tomorrow, baseball in the Bois de Vincennes and what looks like great sunburn weather in the bleachers.

  7. What is there to say, Walt? Your photos and text make me stay and look at the photo over and over. Merci.

    Wonderful memories of your time in Paris make me wish I had attended french classes there instead of just here.

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Walt - Just read your response to my comment about your hedge! hehehehehe
    Even some Americans insist on TRYING to control Mother Nature.
    I do love to see sculpted shapes in plants, though. Someone here in Eugene used (he/she must have moved, now) to keep a shrub trimmed to look like an Ostrich - very fun to look at
    when I reached that particular corner! I've always wanted to give it a try, but I don't have the right kind of bushes.

    Mary in Oregon

  9. One of these comments reminds me of a person I knew who ate at McDonald's in Paris because she didn't want to get a bad meal.

  10. Living where you do always looks so lovely; I think you a fortunate fellow to do so.

  11. tom, it is a great location. I've never stayed in that hotel, but I know the one.

    evelyn, they can only smoke outside now, but then, everyone who smokes is outside...

    judy, maybe it's because we were so young and discovering things for the first time? Maybe it was the exotic nature of Paris (which now seems so familiar)?

    ron, I don't think so, just a coincidence. And Paris is mighty cosmopolitan.

    john, good eye! I hadn't noticed that you could see that woman in purple other than in the reflection.

    ellen, the weather is amazing right now! Glad you can take advantage of it.

    mary, I've never attempted anything like an ostrich, but I did try to do a topiary with a rosemary bush. A frost killed it just as it was starting to look good.

    starman, I know someone like that.

    michael, me too!

  12. It's a lovely photo that seems to convey so much about Paris.

    I don't know what your post title tells us about that man but I certainly approve of what I see of him.

  13. victor, it means "the man in the green glasses." ;)


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