Saturday, October 08, 2011

La pause rafraichissante

I started my walk earlier in the morning over in the fifth arrondissement and now I found myself in the heart of the seventh, a healthy four kilometers (about two and a half miles) from my starting point. The day was turning hot and I was thirsty. I made my way through the rue St. Dominique to a café I know on the boulevard de la Tour Maubourg.

The pause that refreshes. Ahhhhhh.

A Perrier with a slice of lemon really hit the spot. It also hit my wallet pretty hard at €4.50 for the little bottle. But it didn't matter. I spent about a half-hour resting, sipping, and watching people go by.

We're back now from a five day jaunt up to Champagne. We were supposed to have wi-fi in the rental house, but of course, didn't. So we were without internet for a while and made no special efforts to connect (there might have been hot spots around, but it was too much trouble to take the laptop and go looking for them, so we did without).

I'm working (slowly) on responding to comments from the last few days.


  1. I like your blog. Looking at the photos you posted here gives me a calming effect in my busy life. :)

  2. Wifi is not always easy to come by, but I bet that will change in a few more years. A break is probably a good thing, but I feel sort of lost without the internet for a few days.

    I bet that water was worth the €€€s- it was really warm in Paris that weekend!

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to see and hear about the trip.


  4. It's ridiculous to pay that much for a bottle of water (especially when it's not as pure as they would have you believe).

  5. Loving this walk in Paris. I figure the big Euros for cafe snacks are really for the entertainment and seat rental.

  6. I stopped drinking Perrier when I read how much sodium is in one bottle.

    Crissoup has my idea, though, it was not the Perrier you were paying for --it was the sidewalk show.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. t, thanks!

    evelyn, it really was tasty with that slice of lemon.

    judy, it'll be a while, I've still got a bunch of Paris photos to get through!

    starman, well, it was a one-time thing. ;)

    chris, yes, that's true.

    mary, a glass of wine would have cost much less, but I was very thirsty!

  8. Hmm, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that bottle of Périer, lol !!!! Thought we were very illll, lol !!!!!!


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