Saturday, October 22, 2011

Les trois ombres

That's the name of the Rodin sculpture in that's partly visible in this photo. It means "The Three Shadows," although I saw that the English translation on the museum's web site was "The Three Shades." A smaller version of these guys sits atop the Gates of Hell sculpture, which is just behind where I was standing to take this picture.

Three guys, three gals. Thanks to Photoshop, I can take the color out of the photo after the fact.

This is another one of those photos that I like without really knowing why. I like that the Eiffel Tower is in it, and that conical tree. Then there's that high heel shoe on the bottom. I also like the picture better in black and white than in color. So, given all that, I guess that I do know why I like it.

So we left the Rodin museum and walked over toward the Eiffel Tower. Remember, this whole series of Paris photos was taken in less than forty-eight hours. We're only about twenty-four hours in, so there's a lot more to come.


  1. Why would you want to remove the color?

  2. I'd love this pic if you stepped backwards a bit for a broader pic. The black and white idea is great.

  3. judy, glad you're enjoying them!

    starman, oh, I don't know... some photos look better in b&w.

    vtt, thanks. :)

  4. I saw the high heel and curly-hair right away. In fact, I think I saw it first!

    I'm not bored, like Judy said, "keep 'em comin'"

    Mary in Oregon


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