Sunday, October 30, 2011

Un premier café

I had some time to kill before meeting Mark and Julie, so I found a café on the rue Monge near their hotel and sat down. The coffee was rich and good and really hit the spot. After I drank it, I thought to take a photo.

My first coffee of the morning. There would be another.

The morning was calm, being Saturday, and the air was refreshingly cool compared to the heat of Friday. I lingered for a few minutes, enjoying watching the sun hit the top floors of the buildings around where I sat. People were getting up, opening their shades and windows, letting the sun and the cool morning air into their apartments.

The hustle and bustle of the day had yet to begin.


  1. Two euro! We paid seven in Paris. We enjoyed our coffee in Paris so much, it was worth every euro. We laughed about the cost once home.

  2. €1.20 here for a little black. I thought that 80cts would be the Paris surcharge, but not €7.00!!!!

    Especially is it is not hot.

  3. Great photo!
    Bistrot en ville should pay you for this beautiful Ad.

  4. What Mark said.

    Yes, our Paris early morning were cool, but they heated up quickly once they got going!

  5. I agree with Mark, great photo of the coffee cup! Mark and I have the same "eye" for the interest and beauty of the everyday. Sunny and cold here on the southern most tip of the Delmarva peninsula this Sunday morning.

  6. Yes, a great photo! I can see the sun hitting the building....a beautiful start to your day!

  7. But there's never enough time to really savor a great goes down so fast. That's the downside.

  8. Terrific photo. Does anyone else think the reflection on the saucer to the right of the cup looks like a face? (insert Twilight Zone theme...)

  9. andrew, seven! Wow...

    lesley, it does seem a bit high to me. Maybe they had coffee at the George V?

    mark, I'll let them know...

    evelyn, and this day was no exception.

    ron, glad you're not getting the bad weather.

    alewis, and I have the one that rules them all!

    jim, good eye!

    gene, I know what you mean.

    john, the ghost of Yasser Arafat?


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