Thursday, October 20, 2011

Il a un point

My cousin Mark is pretty laid back, but he doesn't mind hamming it up for the camera. I also hope he won't mind that I've posted this photo, but we had a good laugh in the garden at the Rodin Museum. This was taken next to the very serious statue Le Penseur (The Thinker). What were we thinking?

I didn't get the lighting right, but it's still a fun photo.

Mark posed for both me and Julie. Hilarity ensued. But we got over it and moved along. You can see below what the same photo looks like without Mark. That's the dome of the Invalides church. You might remember, from a few posts back, that Napoleon's tomb is under that dome.

The dome of St.-Louis des Invalides.


  1. Good one! My favorite funny photo is the one that people take holding up the leaning tower of Pisa.

  2. Walt, a bit of photoshopery would combine the two as the 'victim' has quite a round dome... and short hair.
    Then you can send it to him!

  3. What a cute crown and what a cute brother. ;)

  4. He looks like he's wearing the dome of Les Invalides.

  5. I'll bet several people make a nice living repairing and selling the items others throw out.

  6. Ton cousin est très photogénique :-)

    Bises !


  7. He's a good sport --- but then he didn't know you would blog about it!!! hehehehe
    Of course, if he's your cousin, he probably did know!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. evelyn, I've seen many of those on the internet!

    tim, an idea is born!

    writer, cousin. :)

    cubby, and he's a good sport.

    starman, that was the "point!" ;)

    mary, oui!

    mary, he hasn't chimed in yet... but he does look at the blog from time to time.


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