Monday, October 17, 2011

La Cathédrale

That's the name of this sculpture by Auguste Rodin, completed in 1909. The museum is filled with incredible works, mostly sculpture in stone, marble, and bronze, along with some drawings and works by other artists. I didn't photograph many of them, but this one looked pretty cool in its setting.

I had no idea how famous this sculpture is.

Mark and Julie and I wandered around inside the building for a while before heading out to the garden which is also filled with sculptures. Many of the windows in the old mansion were thrown open to catch what little breeze there was. It was a sultry day.


  1. One of my very fave museums.
    An excellent photographic adaptation with great textures, lighting and shadow.

  2. You're just like Fred, always trying to teach me stuff. Love the photo! But your hands need some lotion.

  3. Looking at this scupture, one is reminded of the drawing by Dürer with two hands in a prayer fashion.

  4. It's a pleasant place, isn't it? I love the photo.

    I'll bet you're glad you didn't spend any time doing what I did on my last visit: sitting with my son-in-law and watching my then 8-month-old granddaughter play in the sand in the little park behind the mansion. (If she's your granddaughter, it's fun).

  5. It has been raining for weeks in South Florida. We'd gladly send it your way.

  6. first it was heads; now it is hands.
    All these French body parts. I remember a friend dismissing seeing the Louvre, on the grounds it was a collection of naked women with parts missing, morbid !


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