Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Au musée Rodin

Part of the fun of the Rodin museum, at least for me, is wandering around in the building itself. The wooden floors creak. The woodwork and moldings on the walls and ceilings are art in and of themselves. And almost every room has a different old fireplace.

The stairwell of the Hotel Biron, more popularly known as the Rodin museum. Click to escalate.

This is the stairwell from the building entrance up to the first floor exhibition space. The light fixture is typical of the fixtures throughout the museum. I like the photo, but I'm hard-pressed to say exactly why. Maybe it's all the angles? The contrast between the light outside and inside? The juxtaposition of the delicate metal works and the sheer bulk of the walls? Discuss.


  1. It could just be that it is a good photo. I reckon so.

  2. It has a lot of architectural detail that leads the eye around the picture. I also like that the light is off center. But I can't really answer this question. I've always wanted to see this museum, but never have.

  3. It looks like the photo was taken by someone lying on a couch in a mansion, enjoying the good life.

  4. ...and perhaps I was photographing you as I looked down from that railing and posted recently. Wonderful perspective and Hotel Biron is fabulous.


  5. Really like the delicacy of the light. In my opinion that's what makes a good photo.

  6. Those curves in the metal balcony do it for me! The repeating curves in the alcove with curved panes behind the stairway repeat the whimsical feeling.

    The Rodin Musée is not gigantic like many of the historical sites in Paris. I actually felt like it was a place I could live in. The grounds are delightful and the LOCATION! To die for. What fun it would be to call it home.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. I also like the photo...because of the architectural detail.

  8. andrew, you're too kind!

    kristi, it's worth a stop if you're in Paris.

    evelyn, I wish!

    genie, you never know!

    n&a, sometimes I get lucky!

    mary, so true. It's a very accessible museum and not at all intimidating.

    starman, thanks!

    michael, it may be where the muses hang out when you can't find them.


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