Monday, October 31, 2011

Une belle place

La Place Monge. It's a small square in the Latin Quarter, but it's in the middle of a very residential section of central Paris. The quiet square transforms into a bustling market every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I've shopped and wandered around here many times over the years.

La Place Monge on a quiet Saturday morning. The place is full of action on market days.

I don't know if Mark and Julie made it to see the market. It's hard when you're in a hotel and you really don't have a way to keep food. Everything in Paris markets is so appetizing and I always want to buy more than I need. I don't get the chance to do much shopping in Paris markets these days. But I do remember buying amazing things at the markets and keeping them out on the window sill of our hotel room during our trips, and in our refrigerator when we rented vacation apartments.

Monge, and the nearby rue Mouffetard, are great marketplaces and should be a stop on anyone's visit to Paris. Have you been?


  1. yes i have indeed been to moufftard & year we stayed in a hotel near the far end of moufftard...i did the windowsill thing then....for cheese & wine as our hotel did not have a minibar...after that i have always rented apts as i cant stand not having a way to keep stinky cheese and its cheaper than hotel with internet its so much easier to find apts now ...i would not have known how to do it in the old days

  2. Walt

    There is a cheese lady there and if she happens to serve you ( instead of her daughter or employee) , she always includes a little gift in your bag, like un petit chèvre plus the opportunity to taste even if there is a line up . Always a smile on her face.

  3. 30 some years ago, we lived near Les Gobelins. At first, I went to the market on Mouffetard, but after bringing home bad, rotting vegetables (The display looked nice, but the guy took the stuff from the back, probably thinking that I wouldn't be back. I was still just learning French...)I switched to the market at the Place Monge. Loved it. It was cheaper than Mouffetard, too.

  4. I remember thinking, "How peaceful", as we passed on our way to Arènes de Lutèce.

  5. Many books and articles seem to mention the rue Mouffetard but I have yet to get there.

    I guess I should pay more attention when purchasing at a market so I don't get home with rotten or damaged produce as Ellen remarked.

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Mary - It was about 36 or 37 years ago, so I don't think you need to worry. I think the guy just took me for a tourist he could easily scam. At most markets, the vendors want you to come back to them. There are usually several stands for the same kind of produce, so they do want faithful customers.
    However, if you can't pick the produce yourself, then keep an eye on the vendor to see what he's serving you.

  7. Way back when, when I was on a Rockefeller (sp.?) Grant trip to Paris, I was in that neighborhood. (Okay, that was in 1988.) I have barely been back since, but when I have, I have found it a bit too touristy...but your photos make it look great! (Off-season is the best...)

    Nice to see that you are still in the blogging game. I have faltered, but am trying to get back into it...however, life is busy.


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