Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Les mariés devant la tour

And now I present the classic shot of the honeymooners in front of the Eiffel Tower. This is probably one of the most taken photographs in the world. What makes this one exceptional is that it includes Mark and Julie.

Aren't they a handsome couple!

Of course, I took several photos of them together and of each of them separately, but I liked this one of them together the best. After our photo session, we walked across the Trocadero and up the Avenue Kléber to the Place Charles de Gaulle and the Arc de Triomphe. I remember that my feet were feeling sore at this point.

So I went to a kinésithérapeute (similar to a chiropractor) yesterday. We talked a bit about my problem, then he stood me up and started feeling around my neck, chest, and back. He said he didn't think that the problem was with my spine, but with a vertical muscle behind my left pectoral muscle (hey, I've got pecs!) that is tensed and stuck and pinching the nerve that goes into my left arm. He did some massaging and I could feel real relief, albeit temporary.

I go back on Thursday morning for another session. I get the impression that there will be multiple sessions during which he will show me what I can do myself to help. When I told him that I had just recently trimmed my hedges, he said to "look no more" for the cause. That was probably it. Repeated horizontal movements (of my arm) can result in this condition, apparently.

He was a real nice guy, relaxed and friendly. He has a fish tank in his office and some real low key new age type of music playing. He is pretty much my age. In fact, he said we were born in the same year, although he was born in January and I was born in December. Then he told me that his brother was born in December of the same year. I remarked that that was unusual. He said his parents raised them pretty much as twins. Funny, eh?


  1. Glad to hear the massaging helped. I can't wait to see devoured pheasant photos. Oh boy. Just in time for breakfast tomorrow ;)

    I hope les jeunes mariés are enjoying their first months of marriage!


  2. The newlyweds make a very nice couple. I see "no more edge trimming ever" in your near future.
    Hope the therapy will provide permanent relief very soon.

  3. I think you could Pottyshop the Arc de Triomphe on your dome close-up of Mark? ;-)

  4. Very interesting that the two were born i same year.

  5. kinesthesiologists are physical therapists here (in northern CA & elsewhere too) and can be very helpful. Bonne chance, Walt.

  6. Maybe you will reconsider my idea about letting the hedges grow "in their own way" and leave the topiariesque versions for the Chateaux et leurs jardinières! Better for your body, n'est-ce pas?

    Oh, to walk along the streets of Paris! What a thrill it always is - even now just to see your photos.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Yet another delightful photo of the beauty that is Paris and France. Thanks for sharing Walt.

  8. I hope he can help you find a way to strengthen other muscles so that one doesn't strain as easily. That's what my physical therapist is working on with me. How to build up other muscles so I'm not always using the ones that pull my neck out of whack.

    It's hard breaking the old habits and behaviors, but I've been working on it since May and am making steady progress. Good luck, Walt (and nice photo!).


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