Sunday, December 11, 2011

A December sunset

During the past few weeks, sunsets have been rare. Well, let me rephrase that: visible sunsets have been rare. We've been having a series of weather systems that keep the sky overcast most of the time. Before that, high pressure inversions kept us under a blanket of fog.

The view from our guest room window on December 2, 2011. Click to pinkify.

But once in a while, the fog dissipates or the clouds break and we're treated to a nice show at sunset. And these days, as we approach the winter solstice, the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Tonight, or should I say this afternoon, it will set at 17h04 (5:04 pm).


  1. Bloody fantastic - Our sky is dark but we have a full moon Walt.
    Tell me - do you have the same moon as we do????

  2. Oh yes, fantastic. One of your best (and that's saying something).

  3. Oh my, my, my. What a view!

    (Hilarious about cute little Callie dreaming about catching Bertie :))

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous. No enhancing?

  5. It's not setting until after 18h00 here.

  6. Lucky you to have something besides grey skies to observe! What a gorgeous sunset!

    Maybe it will clear up here, soon so I can see the pétanque court when I meet the club.

    Mary in Oregon


    I'm back to blogging and reading blogs so here I am checking you out again!!


    A HUGE HELLO to you, Ken, Miss Callie and Bert from me and Alex and Happy Holidays!!! I think we'll have to catch you FOR SURE this spring.. for warm weather and outside dining.. : )

  8. What gorgeous colors. Well done!

  9. leon, no. We have the forest moon of Endor.

    carolyn, thanks!

    judy, it's always changing with the weather and the seasons.

    ellen, just some basic cleaning up with Photoshop, nothing fancy.

    starman, I'm looking forward to being on the other side of the solstice.

    mary, I'll cross my fingers!

    leesa, hey! Stay in touch.

    ginny, merci!


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