Thursday, December 29, 2011

A foggy sunset

The sun managed to poke through the fog and clouds a few times on Monday. Just before sunset, I saw this out one of the back windows and ran for the camera. It was eerie and beautiful; my photo doesn't do it justice.

Looking southwest toward the setting sun. Click to solify.

Our recent mornings have been chilly, but still above freezing. Not that I'm anxious for a freeze, but I know people around here will start complaining if it doesn't get colder soon. They'll say that we need the freezes to kill off the excess bugs and fungi and molds. They'll say that a warm winter will ensure a cold summer. Old wives tales die hard.


  1. That's a magnificent photo and amazing colours!

  2. This photo certainly goes nicely with your color scheme!

  3. ladyjustine, thanks!

    judy, no kidding! I finally figured out how to get rid of the blue navbar at the top. Now it matches the rest of the blog.


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