Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The hamlet on Christmas Eve

I took this photo of our little hamlet on Saturday morning. The vineyard is brown these days and the pruning has begun, albeit tentatively. It'll get under way in earnest come January. The ground is almost spongy owing to all the rain we've had this month. To date we've measured over 145 millimeters, nearly six inches.

Green grass and milky skies. Christmas Eve 2011. Looking northeast toward our house.

For now the rain pattern has stopped and higher pressure has built in. And you know what that means. Fog. The air is still and the fog hangs all around, erasing any views farther than a few hundred meters.

We heard on a recent newscast that 2011 is officially the warmest year on record in France, and they've been keeping records since the late nineteenth century. We certainly haven't had a freeze yet this season, and the couple of frosts we had were very light and scattered.

I wonder what 2012 will bring?


  1. First, I like the new background to your site. On my screen, it appears dark brown. Very calming.
    Second, I can't stand the cold. Bring on global warming!
    Third, six inches isn't much.

  2. How curious. My Blogger Dashboard shows that you wrote a post titled "A Foggy Sunset" but it doesn't show up on your Blogger site. Did you make it private?

  3. Starman, I'll bet it's tomorrow's post, set to automatically post in the morning.

  4. I see the word "hamlet" and I half expect to see a Pied Piper blowing on his flute and leading the village urchins out of said hamlet.
    Est-ce que c'est pas aussi ?

  5. mark, thanks! And, well, it depends on what you're measuring...

    starman, oh, yes. I hit the publish button before I scheduled the post. I took it down immediately, but it already went out to the automated readers.

    judy, right!

    ron, ha! A hamlet is just a small collection of houses with no church or stores. It doesn't qualify as a village.

  6. I hope 2012 brings you something .... marvelous!


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