Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here comes the sun

Just as visible sunsets have been rare sights recently, so have visible sunrises. I saw this one just a few days ago during my morning walk with Callie.

The sun rises slowly in the southeast. It doesn't get very high in the sky this time of year.

So far this season has been very mild. I haven't had to build a fire every day, and that's good because it means the wood supply will last a little longer. Who knows whether we're in for a mild winter or if the temperatures will suddenly drop? Time will tell.

In the meantime, I'm getting sick of the wind. Where we live, up on the heights above the river, we don't have to worry about flooding. But the southwest wind can really blow up here. I'm hopeful that we won't have a repeat of February 2010 any time soon (although a new storm is coming in off the Atlantic today).

There won't be a sunrise like this one on Friday morning, if the weather prediction holds.


  1. Have you looked at Meteociel for next week?
    We'll be seeing how our 2000 litre "battery" hold out then!!
    "yaersh"[WV] we will....

  2. You should blow-up this photo and hang it at your window tomorrow morning. You know, just in case.

  3. I hope all stays safe! Does Bertie stay in the garage during storms like this, or does he get to come into the house and hide away somewhere away from cute Callie?

  4. You've got good hatches on your house to batten! I hope Joachim leaves you alone.
    Love the name, Joachim. Yannick Noah's son has that name and he is quite the basketball player.

  5. Walt

    Keeping the fingers crossed for you - hopefully Joachim won't be as bad as Xynthia

  6. Hope you can stay warm and dry. I know you'll have good food and wine to ride out the storm.

    Another beautiful silhouette photo. Love it!

  7. I've said it for years, I love love love winter sky and tree scenes. You've made my day!

  8. I was wondering about Bertie, also.

  9. Sounds like a good day to hunker down and have a good lay-in.

  10. I love sunrise (and sunset) photos. Interesting to know that the sun doesn't get very high in the sky where you live. I just assumed it got high in the sky wherever except Alaska and the North and South Pole. Interesting.


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