Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The shortest day

Here we are on or very near the winter solstice. Yay! It's a great day because from now on the days will start to get longer. It's almost imperceptible, but it happens. This year hasn't (so far) felt as cold and dark as previous years have. Of course, we have all of January and February to go yet, so we'll see.

You can see the fire in the wood stove through the windows behind the lights.

One of my readers asked for a photo of the holiday lights on the house (or was that on Facebook?), so here it is. As you can see, I don't do much. I'm nervous about climbing up two stories on a ladder, so I just string lights along the railing on the deck.

And, since the recent storm and power failure, I've decided we're not doing a tree this year. Maybe next year. We can see the lights from the living room and that's festive enough!


  1. The house looks very warm and inviting for christmas.

  2. Sometimes the beauty is in the simplicity. This looks lovely and just festive enough to be inviting without being gaudy.

  3. It was probably on FB and here, too :) The house looks very warm and inviting :))))) (ooops!! I see that I wrote the same thing as Andrew! It's clearly true, then :)


  4. Oh, wait! Heck! Was it your birthday yesterday!?!?!? Happy day! Happy new birthday year!

  5. My mother was borned on December 21st. Just called her and I am wishing you a happy birthday to you too Walt!

  6. Happy birthday, Walt. (How did I miss that?)

  7. happy b'day one day late! hope you enjoyed a big bottle of something bubbly the word ver is "flubs"

  8. Walt,

    Your Christmas Light Show looks great to me! Sometimes more is less. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Very beautiful photo! It's nice to see the lights from your fire and also the light in your loft now.

    DH says the solstice will occur at 12:05am- hello longer days. I usually notice them early on since I'm a lover of light.

  10. Belated "Happy Birthday" wishes Walt :-)

  11. I'm in love with this time of year. The reflective thoughts. The waiting. The wishing. The time to clear and start over. Merry Christmas.

  12. I'm sad to see no plastic Santa on your roof nor a blow-up Frosty on your lawn. You truly have forgotten how to be an American.
    p.s. The house looks great!

  13. A lovely photo of a lovely home.

  14. I agree. It looks very nice.

  15. Belated birthday wishes?!? I thought your birthday was/is Dec 21st, or am I confoozed??


  16. Though the weather outside is frightful,
    The fire is so delightful....

    It really does look delightful!

  17. Merry Xmas guys, and all the best for 2012 (there is a chance I might be in Paris for work in a few months which might call for a glass of Red!)

  18. andrew, well, it's warm in front of the fire!

    sean, so what you're saying is it's not your style... lol!

    judy, indubitably! And yes, the 21st. Thanks!

    nadege, merci!

    carolyn, thanks. It sneaks up on me sometimes, too.

    melinda, well, it was a normal sized bottle. ;)

    ron, thanks! Same to you and Bill.

    evelyn, I'm ready for longer days, too. We won't notice much change for a few weeks yet.

    t.b., merci!

    alewis, enjoy!

    mark, the problem with all that stuff is the old adage: what goes up must come down. Too much work!

    chris, thanks!

    starman, simple and easy.

    bettyann, nope, the 21st it is. :] Thanks!

    archguy, it would be nice to see a little snow. But just a little.

    evol, Hey! You guys, too! Keep me posted.

  19. I love this pic ! To me, it's the image of the "maison du bonheur" (house of happiness ?)


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