Monday, December 26, 2011


Back in October, when we were in Champagne for four days, I collected all the corks from our bottles of bubbly and lined them up on top of the refrigerator. I may have missed one or two.

Remember, there were three of us.

There's one cork up there that was from still wine, not bubbly. But there's also another cork up there that's from a bubbly, but not a Champagne. I don't remember how that happened.


  1. The reason that you dont remember Walt seems quite obvious from the amount of corks in the first place.

  2. Heh heh :) (re Leon and Sue's comment)

    Love the holiday gherkin.

    Great collection of bouchons, there.

    We ate too much, too... wonderful turkey dinner yesterday (and I'll actually be posting some photos on FB of it!)

    Hope you're both feeling better soon.


  3. a "quite respectable haul" of corks ;-)

  4. I second that comment, quite a haul of corks there Walt!

  5. leon, hmmmm, could be.

    judy, thanks! We're feeling much better already.

    n&a, lol!

    ron, I've saved corks for decades. I still have some from our time in Washington, DC, back in the early 80s; they're in a glass jar and I can't get them out! Now I save them to burn them in the fireplace. They burn hot and can jump-start a dying fire.

  6. hmm...I'm not much of a competitor so I've never really had any trophies, but I like these all lined up in a row. I may have to replicate this.

  7. they would make a swell rosary chain.


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