Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The house we rented

The gîte we rented in Champagne was in the middle of the town of Bouzy, but the property was large enough to have a good courtyard and green space. It had a gate that closed us off from the street and Callie could be out in the yard with no worries. We didn't feel cramped at all. I noticed that wherever we were in the house or on the property, we had complete privacy; there were no windows facing us at all.

Our home away from home in Champagne, along with the car we rented for the trip.

The people who own the house live right across the street. They are winemakers and have their own label. Their son, who lives next door to them, was really nice and took Ken and me on a tour of their cellar and property, and gave us a wine tasting. His wine is good and we bought some. He told us that they don't make their own wine any more, so all that we were seeing was actually no longer in service. He delivers their grapes to a cooperative where the wine is made and labelled for them.

The house was nice and comfortable enough. The only weird thing was that the town's church, whose steeple we could see out the windows, was equipped with a carillon. Every quarter hour, from seven in the morning until ten at night, the bells would ring. The tune at the top of the hour sounded like the nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice." The tune was followed by one chime for each hour (ten at ten p.m.!). After that, a single chime for the quarter, two for the half, and three for the three-quarter hour.


  1. Walt
    Have you made a pun about the name of this town yet? Boozy, in Champagne?

  2. andy, funny, that's tomorrow's post!

  3. Is this the place that Ken kind of had some issues with?

  4. Looks really comfortable, and I can't hear the tolling of the bells;-)

  5. It looks nice and tidy from the outside, and how handy to have a wine cellar right across the street.

  6. judy, yes. We had to clean out the aerators on the faucets, and we bought a new shower head (which we kept) because the one they had was all gunked up.

    evelyn, you're lucky! They charming at first, but then they get annoying. I suppose that at some point you'd just get used to them and not notice any more.

    archguy, when in Champagne... ;)

    starman, yup.


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