Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Did you say boozy?

No. I said Bouzy. It's pronounced basically the same,* by the way. But Bouzy is the name of the town where our rental house was located. You can see it below, from up on the slopes of the vineyards. The church steeple you see is the one with all the bells.

The town of Bouzy in Champagne, on the southeastern flank of the Montagne de Reims.

The town felt kind of sleepy, but it wasn't really. Each morning we'd hear trucks and tractors as they made their way from garages to the vineyards, or transporting bottles (probably empty) to winemakers, or even transporting wine to market. The bakery bustled and there was some light traffic in town during the morning and evening commute periods.

The town's only grocery was closed for remodeling, so we had to go to the next town over to buy groceries. That town was a little bigger and it felt like it had a little more going on.

* Except that the stress is on the second syllable: [boo-ZEE].


  1. Walt, it was probably quiet in Bouzy because everyone had delicate heads... hence the empty bottles in the morning.
    Alright, alright, alright.... someone had to say it!

  2. You always make France so inviting.

  3. I always thought that Bouzy and Loches made a nice pair. Not to mention their old pal hyperson (the verification word).

  4. It looks quite picturesque from way up here.
    Not all-the-time-bell-ringy at all.

  5. tim, yeah, but that just accounts for our house...

    rick, I don't think it's my doing, but thanks!

    chris, is it a coincidence that I live so close to Loches?

    archguy, still, I could hear the bells from that spot. :)


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