Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One man's trash... more often than not just trash. I saw this crumpled cigarette pack by the side of the vineyard road the other day. Someone just lobbed it out of a car window, I suspect. Classy.

"Fumer nuit gravement à votre santé et à celle de votre entourage."
"Smoking is extremely harmful to your heath and to the health of those around you."

Ken and I finished our bagels in record time, they were that good. So I'm going to do another batch very soon. I want to implement my changes and see if they come out as good or better. Bagels freeze very well, so in case we get tired of them before we finish them, into the freezer they'll go.


  1. Walt - I'm with you on the rubbish thing, littered highway not a good look.
    We have "foster a highway" scheme where locals do a tidy. Kids learn not to litter about 30 years ago and would tell their piggy parents off.
    Oooops, I'm sounding like a grumpy old man. (again)

  2. But one is for sure, you take the loveliest photos of trash I've ever seen.

  3. Smokers are the worst when it comes to littering. And they seem to have no clue they're doing it.

  4. By the way, what is the name for the wind storms that rip through France at this time of year? I cannot remember.

  5. Walt,
    Even your roadside litter looks better than ours!

  6. leon, it's not a huge problem here, but you see litter here and there.

    mark, flattery will get you paid. Your check's in the mail.

    starman, the mistral is the wind that regularly blows down the Rhône valley, mostly in Provence. This kind of storm is called un cyclone or more often une tempête.

    archguy, I know! Too bad it's trash!

    ron, hehehe!


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