Friday, December 23, 2011

Typical French signs

I saw these in Champagne, but I would see these signs anywhere in France. They are on every main street in every town in the country. More than once. And in every Parisian neighborhood. If you've been here, you've seen them.

The sign on top is for the French national lottery. The agency that runs the lottery is called Française des jeux. I think it's short for La Sociéte Française des Jeux (The French Gaming Corporation), but I can't find anything on the internet to confirm that. The next sign is one that means you can buy newspapers and magazines at this shop. La presse.

Below that is a sign for a local newspaper, l'union. It's the newspaper of the Champagne-Ardennes region. I don't think we got a copy while we were there. And I don't think it has anything to do with that satirical newspaper, The Onion. LOL.

On the bottom is the tabac sign, meaning you can buy cigarettes at this shop. I think this sign, ubiquitous in France, might be an endangered species, as smoking regulations get tighter all the time.

There's another sign, just visible behind the presse sign, that tells people that this shop is a branch of the post office. It's not a full-service post office, but the shop contracts with the national Poste to offer some limited services.

So there you have it. Typical signs on every main street in France.


  1. Isn't it a bummer when you anticipate something only to find you need something else? Life in high tech.... They got you! Next thing you know, you'll have to buy a new computer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... or is it good news? Happy birthday!

  2. Just read Ken's blog... looks like he gave you a surprise birthday present. You'll just have to nurse each other... enjoy Christmas as best you can... and get yourselves better for the start of 2012. Happy [as possible] Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
    Tim [from t'wife's! Share life, share all!!]

  3. Cool picture. I've never thought so much about those signs -- I suppose it's a legal obligation for "magasins de presse" to have that sort of sign? Or just tradition?

  4. We hope you both feel well enough to enjoy your good meal and the company of friends.

    Is the PMU a government or quasi-govt entity? We saw a directional sign in a town for the mairie, other municipal services which I can't remember now, and PMU. It kind of surprised me (but then I'm from Pennsylvania).

  5. have a merry christmas .....hope you get good health for your gift...cheers!

  6. Best of luck with the monitor and graphics card. Get yourselves some Afrin-type spray and maybe it'll help you through the next few days :)

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Walt,

    Even the signs looks more elegant in France! My best to you and yours this holiday.

  8. Yes, I've seen them everywhere in France, but usually not all together like this. Good luck with the graphics card. I left a comment on your post about the monitor but it evidently got lost somewhere in Blogger. What size is your new monitor?

  9. No ghastly golden arches, I trust?

  10. cheryl, I think I escaped the new computer this time. Ken says it's probably the last...

    tim, thanks! Enjoy the weekend!

    betty, I'm not sure. But I like the French consistency. Wherever you are, you see the sign and know you can get what you want there. Mostly.

    carolyn, this cold hasn't affected our appetites! As for the PMU, from what I can tell it (Pari mutuel urbain) is a private, not-for-profit organization that controls horse race betting. It's very heavily regulated and overseen by the government.

    melinda, thanks!

    judy, thanks! The monitor is good. The cold is not so bad.

    ron, thank you! Same to you all!

    starman, it's 21.5" diagonal.

    michael, oh, yes, they're here, too. But I didn't feature any.

  11. Hi ! Here is a web site which gives info about the origins of "La Française des Jeux" :

    "Tout d’abord l’appellation « Française Des Jeux » est apparu en 1991 bien après la création de l’entreprise. Autrefois, cette entreprise à 51% publique a été créée en 1976 sous le nom de « Société de la Loterie Nationale et du Loto National » (SLNLN)..."

    Have a nice Xmas Day !

    Mary who wonders what you call "a monitor" is...

  12. Oh, c'est l'écran, n'est-ce pas ? Mais quelle est la différence entre "a screen" et "a monitor", s'il te plaît ?


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