Saturday, December 24, 2011

For my friend, m.

You see, Mark? There's your blog being looked at in France. Merry Christmas. As you can see, the new monitor is here and installed. I needed a new graphics card in the computer to make it work the way it should, and that is now installed and working, too.

The new monitor in its new home.

Interestingly, when I first installed the new card, the computer wouldn't start. I took it out, and the computer started up just fine. So I put the card back in and once again the computer wouldn't start. I was very disappointed, thinking that the new card just wasn't compatible with my seven year old computer. But, according to the specs, it should be.

After I pulled it out the second time, and ate some lunch, I had an idea. I took a little squeeze bulb and blew air into the slot where the card went. I must have dislodged a bit of dust, because after I put the card back in, the computer started up and everything worked just fine. The dust was mucking up the electronic connections. This is an example of why it's very important to open up your computer once a year and vacuum out the dust.

What a relief! I was dreading having to send the card back and thinking about buying a new computer. My "old" machine still has some life in it. And that's a comforting thought.


  1. I've always been afraid to take the case off the computer lest the magic come out.

  2. Walt - Our best wishes for the festive season to you and Ken from Sue and I. At 10.30 pm Xmas Eve its time for bed before Santa arrives.
    Is it snowing there yet - Think of us here in sweltering heat. I'm afraid it looks like a sea food Christmas dinner in Oz. Lobster and all that.
    Poor things we are!!!!

  3. This is the best Christmas present ever! What a great way to start my day. I need to wake up with you more often!
    Walt, I hope that you and Ken have a very Merry Christmas.
    And again, thanks for the gift! You made me laugh and smile. And that is something that I really need these days.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Ken. We'll be having our big dinner on the 25th too.

    The new monitor looks very swish.

  5. Thank you for that housekeeping advice. Someone In Our House says I should vacuum the computer frequently. Now I can quote you as an authority that once a year is enough.

    Have a good Christmas, both of you.

  6. The new monitor looks great. I have an HP Touchsmart with a 22" monitor. It's all one piece; monitor and PC. Saves a lot of desk spsace.
    We will be going to a French restaurant for dinner tonight.
    Joyeux Noël!

  7. You gave Mark a nice Christmas present! Enjoy the fondue and "joyeux Noël" to you and Ken!

  8. LOVE what you chose to photograph for this post! Also glad to know your old machine still has some life in it. Maybe there's hope for mine too! Wishing you and Ken a very merry Christmas.

  9. I'd like to join the crowd here at wishing you the best for the holiday season.

    Joyeux Noël et bonne et heureuse année!
    Paix, joie, amour et sérénité.

  10. Merry Christmas Walt and Ken... hope the dreaded lurgy doesn't spoil it... and IF you think it might, stay in bed, leave the present opening and the meal until you feel better and celebrate Christmas then!
    After all, that's what Simon and Susan's friends in Australia did last year for 2011... they just started it again.

    The WV is "tolousal"... so have some of those tolousal sausages and let the garlic frighten the bug away.

    Very smart new monitor, by the by.

  11. congrats on the new monitor!
    Our Simple Lives seems a good place to 'break it in"

  12. archguy, I know what you mean. I'm always nervous about plugging and unplugging components.

    leon, best to you and Sue! No snow for us, but it's about 4ºC this morning. Sorry you'll have to suffer through a lobster dinner. :)

    mark, I thought you'd like that. Hope you and Fred and the kids have a great Christmas!

    n&a, happy Christmas! I'm really loving the new monitor. The one that died was very nice, but it wasn't all shiny new!

    carolyn, I wish I could get away with vacuuming the rugs once a year! lol

    judy, we did!

    starman, I saw something similar to that on the Dell site. Bon appétit!

    nadege, merci!

    mitch, all the best to you and Jerry. And the virgins, too.

    jon, and the same to you!

    tim, I think we'll survive. The worst seems to be over. And we haven't lost our appetites.

    michael, yes, mark's photos were a good test of the screen. And it passed with flying colors!


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