Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little pruning here, a little pruning there

And pretty soon, it's all done! Well, it won't be done for a few months yet. But I'm seeing the growers and their employees out there getting started. It's not a fun job. They're out there in the cold and rain and fog and snow. Bundled up. Clipping away. All of it is done by hand.

The vines are pruned and the clippings are lined up between the rows. They'll be mulched later on.

But thankfully, they are out there. Without them, we wouldn't have glorious new vine sprouts in the spring. No new little grapes, no wonderful bunches for the fall harvest. Which of course means no wine!

So we celebrate the heroic (for lack of a better word) efforts of the pruners.


  1. How long it will grow up until ready to be picked ?

  2. That's just reminded me to get a move on with mine! I usually wait until we've had 5 days of below 5 degrees and I know the sap isn't rising, but it doesn't look like I'll get a chance with this mild weather!

  3. Have you seen the electric pruners that many of the workers use, the older ones have a battery in a shoulder bag, but the latest ones are cordless. There is a vineyard near Leeds in Yorkshire where George [the owner] demonstrated his pair... they'd have your finger off if you made a mistake positioning them... but apparently they cut more cleanly, which means less disease opportunities, and allow the worker to stay at the task for longer without fatigue... so probably meaning that the worker is less likely to make a mistake.

    Happy New Year Walt... and may the 'rate of exchange' aid your prosperity and well being. T&P

    The WV is Tescloto... Apt! What you get in your box if you shop online at Tesco's is always a lottery...

  4. Not good the thought of no wine. Glad they're pruning away :-)

    meilleurs voeux to you too! A & N

  5. Enjoy your réveillon!

    Will you be making something with the new Moulinex robot ménager? (By the way, I've seen that term used for both a food processor and a large stand mixer... does it refer to either, as far as you've seen?)


  6. Reminds me to clip the shrubs. Too bad they don't produce wine.

  7. May 2012 bring you and Ken great wines, great health, and great happiness!


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