Friday, December 09, 2011

A fungus among us

I saw these little mushrooms on a path in Champagne. If I've identified them correctly, they are called coprins chevelus (coprinus comatus). This according to my Larousse pocket mushroom guide. They are supposedly edible when young, although I will never know.

Champignons en Champagne.

There are all manner of mushrooms sprouting in our back yard right now. We've had some rain, but even before that the mushrooms have been coming up. They're all different varieties (although I haven't attempted to identify them) depending on where they're growing. Some grow in shady spots, others in less shady spots. Some grow under conifers, others near fruit trees. Some, according to friends and neighbors who know, are even edible. Although, once again, I will never eat them.

I'm just not going to take any chances. I'll buy my mushrooms commercially.


  1. It certainly has been an exceptional year for fungi!

  2. Totally agree! We have all sorts in our grass too and just leave them to look decorative :-)

  3. This one, Walt, is edible and excellent. It is one of the most easily recognised fungi too! In the UK these are known as Shaggy Inkcaps.
    The Gillard 'Le Champion' Mushroom company in Loches used to grow them commercially. We blogged about it here
    I use them to make a vegetarian Chicken Rissotto... there is often a slight touch of pink at the bottom... before it starts to turn black... that gives a touch of colour to the "chicken" strips.
    If you want a more chickeny flavour use a chicken stock cube instead of a vegetable one.
    I am trying to introduce them to our verger.
    If you find some that are smooth coated [and often slightly slimy] avoid at all costs.... unless you are teetotal... these cause a severe reaction with alcohol as they contain chemicals similar to Antabuse [which is given to alcoholics to help 'cure' them.

  4. They look like little huts.

  5. I saw some new-to-me mushrooms in Huddart Park a few weeks ago. I'd never seen anything like them, and went back the next day to take pictures so I could identify them.

    What's funny is that I went to Kepler's yesterday, saw a mushroom book, and identified them as shaggy inkcaps, coprinus comatus. This morning, I opened your blog, and there they were! I think the ones that I saw were a little younger--the bottoms were almost closed, so they looked like white pinecones.

    Verification word is yappr, in honor of the dog that lives behind us.

  6. The political gathering is to hopefully save the euro. I would certainly not look forward to traveling in Europe again if I had to exchange money at every border.

  7. I love mushrooms but I would never eat them growing in the wild. I even have mushrooms growing up out of the soil of my big potted houseplant. That's a first.

  8. Don't fool around with mushrooms!

  9. Now THOSE.. are very cool!! I've never seen anything quite like it before but I can image the faires somewhere nearby.. I love them! Thanks for sharing!!!


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