Sunday, December 18, 2011

No power is a pain

A royal pain. We were lucky, however. Lucky that no tiles blew off our roof. Lucky that no trees blew down onto the house. I slept with earplugs because the sound of the howling wind stressed me out too much. Still, with earplugs the sounds of my beating heart and breathing were amplified and that was weird, but I drifted in and out of sleep just the same.

A feather from a pheasant (I think) in a puddle out on the vineyard road.

One thing made me very angry as Friday evening came and we still had no power: I could see lights on all around us, but our little hamlet was still dark. Not enough customers to warrant emergency service, I suppose.

Then, on Saturday around 11:30 am, five trucks from the electric company pulled up and they spent an hour replacing the transformer that blew out. The power was restored. We checked everything out, plugged the fridge and the freezer back in, and went to a lunch party we were invited to.

We had a wonderful time, all the better for knowing that we wouldn't be returning to a dark house. Thanks for all your supportive comments. They're greatly appreciated.


  1. So sorry to have fallen behind on your posts! I completely agree about the use of earplugs. I get more stressed from the noise they create inside my head. I'm really glad to know that you're once again empowered.

  2. Do you miss living in the States?

  3. Glad to hear that you are ok and the power is back on.

  4. When our power goes out, I miss my internet connection more than anything else. If we didn't have a fireplace, I would probably miss warmth most. Hmmm, not really sure about that since I have lots of blankets...

    Glad you weathered the storm and are back here where we get to visit most days.

  5. Good to hear that you have your power back. When we used to live in the woods in Pennsylvania our power went out on a regular basis as the first hint of a strong breeze. I started to mark on the calendar the times the power went out and it was two or three times a month. Not for long but just enough to be annoying and having to reset many clocks and other electronic equipment. The topper was a big wind storm in 2006 (not even a hurricane) that took our power out for a whole week! Couldn't use the bathroom, had to go in the woods. It was awful. We don't have the power outage problem here on the coastal shore of southern Delaware. Although they do keep telling us we're do for the Big One, a hurricane that is hundred years overdue. I hope I'm long gone by then.

  6. Welcome back, and glad you had a nice lunch with friends :))

  7. I'm really sorry about your monitor. That's too bad. But otherwise, glad to hear you guys survived as well as you did. And I hope the new transformer brings you no more power outages!

  8. All in all, I'd say you came through it in rather good shape.

  9. BRAVO for the electric company!

    Glad you are reconnected.

    Mary in Oregon

  10. mitch, not to worry. We fell behind together. :)

    t, no, not really. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    n&a, us too! It sounds like you all made it through ok, as well.

    evelyn, I know. We are so addicted to the internet for information these days. And entertainment, too!

    ron, not having water would really be roughing it! We're pretty lucky in that the house did ok (we lost roof tiles last year) and we have the wood burner and a gas stove that works without electricity. And our freezer can go a few days with no loss. I think we're going to investigate getting a generator to run the freezer for these times.

    judy, thanks! It was nice time, warm and fun!

    ginny, thanks! We're hoping the same, although there's always the possibility of a tree knocking the wires out.

    starman, yes! Mostly rattled nerves.

    mary, they do work hard in terrible conditions.

    michael, thank U!


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