Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I don't know if this is a grape grower's idea of art or some kids' bit of fun. But there it is. An empty wine bottle stuck on the end of a grape vine. It's been out at the end of the vineyard road now for over a week.

Look! It's a vine bottle! Click to art-enate.

Maybe it could be some sort of scientific experiment? And what does that strip of torn cloth so carefully tied around the bottle and the post signify? As we used to say in high school: it must have some deep, inner meaning.


  1. My guess is the farmer is testing for something or trapping something. See how carefully the bottle is wedged by the cork so it doesn't rest on the growing tip. You're gonna have to ask, because we all want to know...

  2. And the cork is still in the bottle... once the juice has finished filling the bottle, the cork pops into place and the bottles are ready to be harvested and labelled...
    no, perhaps not... there are some obvious flaws to that hypothesis... you'd need a lighter than air wine for a start.

    It could possibly be a trap for earwigs or suchlike... but again I think not... they like dark places...

    I know... it is a mindworm... it will stay buzzing round the brain of anyone who looks at it until the worm or the person are exhausted.

    The WV has come up on the third rollover as "oridet-verter"... a very good name for such a mindworm!

  3. Oh boy, as Susan said, we will now all want to find out the solution to this puzzle.

    ("It's a vine bottle." -- you are a silly fella!)


  4. I think he's trying to get the wine directly into the bottle and avoiding all that nasty gathering the grapes, processing the grapes and squeezing the wine business.

  5. Walt,

    I know you'll find the answer to this newest mystery. I anxiously await your discovery!

  6. Perhaps like the sailboat that is in the wine bottle or the pear - someone is hoping to have a bottle with a cluster of grapes inside?

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Just had another thought from the mindworm Walt... someone might be seeing just HOW long it takes you to ask... it might be better to tell them that you have noticed that they are trying the Californian method... and wait to be corrected by puzzled faces.

    WV is "iforla cureques"... so get some "i-for-la" when the sales are on.

  8. susan, I don't know who to ask as I don't know who this plot belongs to...

    tim, keep thinking. :)

    mark, maybe it's a sign that there are cookies for sale...

    judy, reminds me of Bugs Bunny flying through the air, "Look! I'm a hare plane!"

    starman, hehehehe.

    ron, I'm too lazy.

    mary, but the grapes don't grow up there, they grow down below.

  9. Or is it an elaborate way to stop the string from damaging the bark? Or is it the product of whatever went through whoever-it-was's mind immediately after they'd drunk the whole bottle?

  10. autolycus, your #2 sounds most likely to me. :)

  11. with glass, you have heat, and protection against frost, so perhaps the man/woman is trying to protect a graft, (transplant)


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