Monday, February 13, 2012

Another snow shot

As the thaw begins (we hope), here's another shot of our little hamlet in the snow. I can't tell you how unusual it is for us to have the kind of cold we've been having, or for snow to last two weeks on the ground here where we live. This will certainly be a winter to remember, if for nothing else than the contrast between the very mild start and this cold spell.

The snow will be nearly all gone within the next 24 hours. And, I hope, so will the extreme cold.

Bertie has become accustomed to coming into the house in the mornings and the afternoons since the cold spell began two weeks ago. He will spend the warmest part of the day outside and we make him spend the night in the garage (only because the dog will try to eat him if he's in the house overnight). For the time he spends in the house, we block Callie up in the loft. She's content to snooze while Ken watches tv up there. Bertie hangs out by a radiator or the wood stove when he's inside.

When it's not so cold, Bertie is free to go outside during the night. But since the Siberian air arrived, we've been closing him inside to keep his sleeping area as warm as possible. So his outside time is limited to the sunny middle of the day. It will be interesting to see how his behavior evolves as it warms up again.


  1. Wow! A fantastic icy photo.

  2. As long as all the snow and cold stays in France, I'm fine.

  3. Great photo :) And I always like hearing about Bertie news, and imagining Callie snoozing happily up in the loft :)

  4. What a beautiful photo !!
    And what a palaver having to keep the two of them apart like that. It's such a shame that they can't get on but after all this time I can't see it happening.

  5. Lovely graphic shot... I think that's a 'nother one you can experiment in B&W with... Or even just do a crop to the posts and wires.

  6. I think you have our New England weather. You're welcome!

    Beautiful photo, as always.

  7. I'm still waiting for your thaw. I thought it was to warm up over last weekend?

    I'm amazed that Bertie has stayed warm enough in your garage. Does he come in by himself after a couple of hours out or do you call him in?

    Mary in Oregon

  8. I've dealt with the dog-cat DMZ by holding the dog on a loose leash in the house for a time, while the cat is free. After a time, dog got the idea not to pounce on cat, so it worked reasonably well.
    Nice snow picture, but you're welcome to it, thankyouverymuch.

  9. susan, this was the first snowfall two weeks ago.

    mark, we're ready for it to take a vacation.

    judy, separating them is the only way we can have them both in the house at the same time.

    jean, me neither. Callie's just hard-wired to chase critters.

    tim, good idea!

    bill, you can have it back now. ;)

    mary, it's warming up now. Thank goodness! Bert comes in on his own when it's cold or raining.

    emm, I don't think that Callie is ever going to get the idea.


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