Monday, February 20, 2012

Tikes on bikes

On weekends we will often see guys riding their motos on the dirt roads around where we live. And, true to form, Callie and I encountered three of them on Sunday evening while we were out walking. Luckily, they sped by. Well, of course they did.

The noise scares Callie. She hangs off to the side until the bikers are gone.

Unfortunately, they sound horrible. I will admit to having dragged downed trees across paths to discourage them. Yes, I've become an old fart.

And they're off! With a huge cloud of smelly smoke.


  1. I'm always surprised at how tolerated motos are in France. Encountering a moto off-roading is one of the few occasions when I am likely to encounter incivility and yobbo behaviour in young people here.

  2. To anyone with a heart, you'd think that terrorising Callie or any other animal, especially in a rural setting, would be sufficient reason to desist from this activity. Oh well, what can one do? It's just whistling in the wind.

  3. France isn't all about lovely food, wine and beautiful landscapes. One of it's downsides - be it a small village or provincial town - is the ubiquitous moto. You can not escape them. I agree, they seem to be tolerated, as if people are scared to complain. That's my grumble over for the day.

  4. White-Trash in France?
    I've seen it all!
    You can stop bragging now.
    p.s. I'm sure all three of my boys will be doing this shortly.

  5. Aww poor Callie looks terrified. I would be right there with her...

  6. I find myself becomming less and less tolerant about almost anything.

    What have we done with the concept of R.E.S.P.E.C.T


  7. Yeah, but you're a nice, old fart! ;)

  8. Yes, they're loud and smelly, but look at the bright side--they're on the path and they're wearing helmets. It's a young person's past time, so let's give them that. It's fun for them, and they're getting out a bit, and they're soon gone.

    Hang in there.

  9. Yes, Ginny, there are soon gone. But 20 minutes later there's another buch coming through. And then another one...

    A friend of mine lives just next to such path and it's pure hell for her. And in winter, it gets worse cause it also a snowmobile trail. It starts early in the morning all through late in the evening!


  10. Callie doesn't appear to be too fond of them.

  11. Young men love motorbikes, no matter what country, and the rest of us put up with the noise and smell.


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