Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our path through the woods

Just to the north of our house, on the other side of the vineyard, Callie and I often walk on a path that runs down into a ravine cut by a stream that drains the vineyards above. At the bottom of the path, the ravine opens out into the river valley. There are a couple of fields down there; one is cultivated every year, the other is just left wild and is mowed from time to time. We continue our walk along the dirt roads that border the fields until we make our way back to our road, then we climb back up the hill toward home.

Looking back up the hill. I hope I'm not under these trees when they finally fall.

The ravine is wooded and the big storms we've had over the past two years have knocked a good number of trees down. This is one bunch of trees that were blown over, but they're not all the way down. Yet. One day I'm certain that they'll come down. If not by themselves, then someone with a chainsaw will go at them.

I don't know who owns the woods. They could be private or they could belong to the town. Either way, the path is a public right-of-way, so I know we're not trespassing.


  1. It is my dream to visit France someday, meet you at dawn and go on a long walk with you and Callie.

  2. I suspect it will be a hundred years of more before they finally fall.

  3. Your choice of colors in this photo - grey/light brown/deep turquoise are right on target, Walt! I love them.

    Cubby, there are probably many of us that would eagerly get up early to take a walk with Callie and Walt some morning. It would be cold, now, but how much fun to see these places in person and not just in the photos!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. I love a path through the woods; hoping they lead to an enchanted place or treasure trove.


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