Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prunus interruptus

Our nearly two weeks of sub-zero (celsius) temperatures have put a temporary hold on the grapevine pruning that takes place during the winter. At least it has for the people that work out in the vineyard behind us; we haven't seen them for a while.

One of the local vineyard storage sheds in the snow.

And I don't blame them. But they'll be back this week as the temperatures rise, I'm sure. There is still a lot of pruning to do. It will also be time for me to get out back and prune back our roses and the few grape vines we have in the yard. The roses had actually started to sprout leaves before the cold came.


  1. Gosh yes! I must prune my viticella clematis - I'd completely forgotten about it in all the excitement. I've still got roses and vines to do too.

  2. Yup, we've still got our roses to do too.

  3. that does look cold, indeed.
    I find it hard to imagine anymore the cold; living where I do. It got over 25 degrees yesterday, with windows open. All the same, I miss the snow and the seasons.

  4. Hollow laughter here in snowy PA. We won't be pruning roses or clematis for months.

    Walt, did you figure out what caused that loud noise in your house the other day or night?

  5. Walt,

    I bet you can't wait until the first buds of spring appear. Those green buds are there, just below the snow and ice. As bad as the cold and snow is, doesn't it make you appreciate the arrival of spring all that much more? It does me. I would never live in a place where the seasons didn't change, no matter how much I dislike the cold and gray days of winter.

  6. a cracking photo........ and a bloody cold looking one
    nice to catch up with your posts

  7. susan, I suspect there's still time.

    n&a, lots of outdoor work just waiting...

    michael, ah, 25 would be nice!

    carolyn, I'm pretty sure it was just contraction of the attic roof structure.

    ron, I do enjoy the changing seasons again since I've moved here. I'm just not used to such cold!

    john, thanks! Nice to "see" you again.


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