Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A five year old dog

Today is Callie's fifth birthday. Hard to believe it's been five years already. We met her just a few weeks after she was born, and she came to live with us at ten weeks old or so.

"Hurry up, I'm not getting any younger!"

I don't have a better portrait ready, so this one will have to do. Here she is waiting for me to catch up with her as we climbed the hill back up to the house on Sunday. You can see pictures of Callie over the past five years in the little slide show to the right (you may have to scroll down a little). Which reminds me, I have to add some photos to that...


  1. What an awesome picture! We've got a few of those ourselves, playing catch up to Casey.

    Happy 5th, little girl.
    From Casey and his humans, Victoria and Gene...oh, and his sister Stella.

  2. Happy birthday Callie, may you always be one step ahead and many happy returns !!

  3. Many happy woofs to Callie - with lots more to come.

  4. I HEART Callie. Happy birthday, Sweet Pea!

  5. Great shot... I've just looked at the puppy pics on Ken's blog and am suffering severe BC withdrawl syndrome... which can't be cured yet-a-while...
    Many Happy Walkies, Callie!

  6. Today is our Maggie's birthday too. Fred is making me do a post later on. He actually has a gun to my head.
    Happy Birthday to your little baby!

  7. Catherine near Lille22 February, 2012 13:28

    I love the way you dignify Callie's place in the family, Walt! She looks and sounds like a darling dog. Wishing her many. many more years of the good life in St Aignan with you and Ken.

    Joyeux anniversaire Callie!


  8. Nice new photo, Walt. I mean the one of you.

    Callie, I hope you get everything your little heart desires for your birthday. Though maybe you have it all already.

  9. I've always loved all your pictures of Callie! Happy Birthday to her, lucky puppy. (Oh, not quite a puppy anymore, I guess.)

  10. Walt,

    I feel left out. Your Callie and Mark's Maggie both have birthdays today. I have to get a dog.

  11. You are doing a fine job, Callie, of looking after Walt and Ken! Happy Birthday and keep up the good work.

    Don't let Walt fall too far behind (although he is probably back there to snap the photo!).

    Mary in Oregon

  12. Now that I have a dog, I very much more appreciate your pooch posts. Happy birthday to the rascal; I hope Callie lives long and well.

  13. Callie asked me to thank you all for your well wishes. She would do it herself, but, well, her typing skills are not up to snuff.


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