Thursday, February 23, 2012

A definite warming trend

It won't be long now. A few more weeks. Then spring officially arrives. Yesterday's fire warmed the house up a lot. Soon it'll be warm enough outside to skip the daily fire. In fact, they're predicting 14ºC (upper 50s F) over the weekend. That will feel nice.

A small puddle, still frozen in the early morning.

This morning's low is well above freezing. But over the past few days we've had frosty mornings with frozen puddles out in the vineyard. The puddles melt with the sunshine and re-freeze over night.


  1. Hope it's not a false portent. So hate to see daffs and other Spring flowers sprouting up with a smile only to be razed down with a "Hah, fooled you!" return to a big freeze.

  2. Went for a ride with the boys this morning at 6.00am - needed lights as it was still dark. Hope your spring comes soon.

  3. I'm all for Global Warming!

  4. Are those luscious-looking carmel nuggets only rocks? They look like they could be some pieces of fudge that someone didn't like and threw away. Very intriguing shot of the ice forms.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. Your close-up pictures are so remarkable. You see things that the rest of us don't, or we ignore.

  6. tim, all gone now!

    raybeard, I hope not, too. I'm ready for spring.

    leon, yes, we are getting longer days. It starts getting light around 7:00 am right now.

    mark, hehehe.

    mary, sorry, they're rocks! :)

    starman, merci!

    emm, when you walk the same path once a day for years on end, you get a chance to look a little closer. :)

    cheryl, believe it! ;)


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