Saturday, February 04, 2012

Scary tree

This is a big old tree that is seriously covered in moss. Again, I removed the color and got a much cooler image (in my opinion). The tree is much more sinister looking this way, don't you think?

A moss-covered tree down by the river. The dark patches on the tree are the moss plants.

We took Callie to vet on Friday. She's been coughing recently, a dry, hacking cough. And she's been drooling (yuck). Her eating habits have also changed slightly, so we knew something was up. My first thought was that it was kennel cough. But Callie doesn't interact with many dogs, just a few every now and then in the vineyard. Maybe one of them passed on a viral or bacterial infection?

The vet examined Callie and everything seems to be ok. She's running a slight fever. The vet said it looks like she ate something that irritated her throat; she saw some inflammation in the throat and Callie coughed when the vet massaged her throat from the outside. When we told the vet that Callie didn't finish her kibble in the morning, she said it was likely that her throat hurts when she swallows the hard kibble. Which is why she has no trouble eating soft meat or cheese.

Or it could be some kind of virus. Either way, there are no serious symptoms other than her coughing and drooling. So we got some cortisone pills for the throat inflammation and pain and some antibiotics to prevent any infections (or to stop any current infection). Callie should be back to normal in about six days time. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Give Callie some of the yummy chicken you had yesterday... if there's any left? Glad to hear that it was only something she ate that caused the throat problem... it happens though [especially with dogs!]

  2. Very eerie photograph! Hope Callie recovers quickly!

  3. I half expect to Johnny Depp coming out from behind that tree!

    Walt, please let us know soon that Callie is recovering. I cannot abide to see animals suffering or in distress - and I'm getting to know her so well as an 'individual'. Positive strokes are winging their way to her right now.

  4. Poor Callie. Hope she recovers quickly.

  5. Think the photograph is really effective in B&W; quite eerie.
    Cuddles to Callie hope she's back on form soon.

  6. Aww, poor Callie :-(

    Now I'm reminded how much I miss my doggies.

  7. hope miss C is back on her paws soon....maybe u can soak her dry food in some water (or chicken drippings)

  8. Did Callie drink from the river?
    Our Max has encountered problems
    after doing that on a walk. His
    maladies were more internal than
    a sore throat, though. Keep him
    out of there now -- to many vet

  9. Best wishes to Callie for a speedy recovery.

  10. ANOTHER beautiful piece of art!

    Poor Callie. Glad you've addressed it early and hope she's completely well very quickly.

  11. Yes, please do keep us posted about Callie :)

  12. Take good care of her Walt. She needs you now. She appreciates you. She loves you.

  13. Hope Callie is back to normal soon.

    Great creepy tree.

  14. Hope Callie didn't get her sore throat from me when I "rubbed her coat" a few days ago (I have one now, too). I'm hoping we both recover quickly. This is not fun.

    That is one spooky-looking tree you have in the forest!

    Mary in Oregon

  15. That tree appears ready to reach out and snatch up whatever unknowing passerby happens along the lane.

  16. Poor Callie, hope she recovers quickly.

  17. Oooooooh! Very scary tree.
    Get well soon Callie.

  18. Wow! Thank you all for your kind words. Callie is much, much better. The medicine virtually stopped the coughing and drooling in less than 24 hours. Callie feels much better and it's so obvious by looking in her eyes: bright and happy!

    My theory is that she swallowed a piece of bark from a grape vine trunk. She likes to carry the dead trunks back home from her walks in the vineyard. The bark peels off and I think she might have swallowed some and that's what scratched her throat up.

    Dogs will be dogs. We're glad she's back to normal. Thanks again for all your well-wishes!


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