Monday, February 27, 2012

The first signs of spring

I noticed two purple crocuses out in the yard on Sunday. I also noticed that the primroses are starting to put up flowers, as are the little daisies. Oh, spring is on the way!

Our first crocuses of the season! Yippee!

And it's just four weeks away that we turn the clocks ahead. We gain more daylight each day. It's a good time of year.


  1. Beautiful photo and how right you are about it being a good time of year. The first crocuses really lift the spirits - snowdrops are pretty but they just don't do it for me.

    I now feel the urgency to get those jobs done that I labelled "winter jobs" before it's too late !!
    (Such as clearing out the cupboards and drawers of stuff that we never use from one year to the next.)

  2. Yikes, I've got to get the veggie plots ready!

  3. I used to love seeing the crocuses in Connecticut and miss them. Beautiful.

  4. I love the onset of Spring, too! Crocuses! Yippee!

    (John from the Garden :))

  5. Awesome! This is a nice counterpoint to Ken's gray photos the other day.

  6. Looks like Spring has sprung in Saint-Aignan!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Stunning photo, as usual.
    The promise of spring....

  8. jean, winter jobs! Ha! I'm moving right into spring jobs. :)

    ellen, we do, too!

    mitch, when they come out you know that you've made it through the winter.

    judy, I thought you'd like that.

    ron, or as we say: Ouais! Actually, the French say "Yes!" just like we do. It's pretty funny, 'cause they always pump their fists when they do it.

    ginny, and a nice counterpoint to the gray weather we've been having!

    mary, and we're happy!

    stephen, yay!


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