Sunday, February 05, 2012

One more black and white

Another shot of the river in the fog taken a little over a week ago. On this one I used a warming filter to give it a brownish/sepia-like tone. I like the result.

If I can remember, I'd like to take this same picture in the spring with leaves on the trees.

The weather people predicted some snow for us on Sunday. As usual, the prediction several days ago was for a good amount of snow, but as the day got closer they ratcheted that down. The main thing is that the ground is frozen now when it wasn't for the last snow. Whatever we get will stick immediately.

We're experiencing a cold, dry northeasterly wind that they call la bise. Sounds like a kiss on the cheek!

*** UPDATE: The snow started falling early this morning. We have a light layer of snow just before sunrise and it's expected to continue through mid-day. We will stay snug in the house today (except for snowy walks with Callie).

And speaking of Callie, she is doing great. Her medicine turned things around incredibly quickly and she's back to her old self again. The coughing and drooling all but stopped within 18 hours! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and well-wishes.


  1. Good news on the Callie front Walt.
    Our pets are part of the family.

  2. Good news about Callie. You left a comment on my blog and my first thought was, "Good, they're up and have probably published their blogs." So I immediately went to read. You see, when I turned on my computer just a few minutes before, neither you nor Ken had published and I was impatient! So now I've had my daily dose and can get up.

  3. Glad Callie is so much better... good luck on the walks... my BC loved snow but, with a coat the same type as Calle's, used to end up covered in mini ice-balls!
    Stay indoors and play with some more pix, this one is great.
    Just a thought... when I used to do B&W photography, I used green or red filters over the lens to alter the way the film picked up the light... you end up with two totally different pictures. I wonder if this can be done using the red and green channels in "levels"... if I can find my way across to the longere, I might have a go myself.

    WV is "distroba"... as in 'this snow distroba our way of life'? Perhaps not... more an anagram of "da bistro"!

    Snow here at least 5cm and the flakes have just got bigger...
    I think I'll get some bread on the go!!

  4. Good to hear Callie is on the mend. That pic is great - the hint of colour in the reflection works really well.

  5. Great photo.
    I didn't log on yesterday so I missed reading that Callie was poorly and am so glad she's on the mend. It's such a worry when pets get ill.

  6. The good news about Callie has lifted my spirits by at least two notches!

  7. Great news about Callie :)) And more great winter photos.

  8. Happy to read of Callie's quick recovery.

  9. How much of your photography know-how is self-learned, Walt? Have you taken several classes? I have always thought about filters after reading the text underneath great photos, but I have never owned any.
    Maybe us bloggers can help you remember that tree when the leaves come out.

    Much relieved to have Callie over her coughing spells and drools.

    Mary in Oregon

  10. A very graceful picture. Glad to hear Callie is on the mend.

  11. I too am glad to hear about the pooch.

  12. So glad Callie is doing great, and I LOVE the photo.


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