Sunday, February 26, 2012

Frosty grass

This photo is from earlier in the week when we were still having frosty mornings. Right now our mornings are quite mild, which is nice. The heat doesn't need to run very long to warm up the house and the birds are getting more vocal at sunrise. There is a definite feeling of spring in the air, a feeling that is accentuated from having just come out of a very cold spell.

A tuft of vineyard grass covered by a fine frost. Click to encrystallate.

It's still February and it can still freeze. March usually brings rain squalls as warm and cold air masses do battle over our heads. The squalls are often in the form of rain, but they can just as easily come as sleet or snow. In France these squalls are called les giboulées de mars and correspond roughly to what we Americans call April showers.

"If March winds bring April showers, and April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?"

If you're American, you should know the answer.


  1. Walt,

    Spring is coming! It is! It is! So welcome.

  2. Had to Google your question to
    get the answer...never heard
    that (obvious) one before.
    Another new author photo!

    The WV's are diabolic...grrr.

  3. Like Sheila I had to google! Nice to learn new stuff at my advanced age;)

  4. Well looks like I'll have to google it too since everybody seems to be keeping the answer to themselves! ;)

    -12°C ici au Canada (-22 avec le facteur vent). Les jonquilles sont encore bien loin!


  5. I don't know the rest of that one, either... oh, wait, I have a... duuuuuuh.... guess *R*R* (starts with a P, non?)

    We're having one of those crisp, really bright pre-Spring mornings, and it's so nice. Just came in from sitting, bundled up a bit, on the deck, sipping coffee (with my HUSBAND :))


  6. Oh... groan... I haven't heard that one for a long time and it took me a while to remember it!

  7. I prefer the first signs of spring picture which hasn't come up yet. It might help if all you people with this stupid new security double word thing would complain about it.

  8. ron, yes indeed-ie!

    sheila, they've made them a bit easier, but apparently not much.

    evelyn, I thought everyone knew that one!

    jon, that's cold!

    judy, sounds right!

    mitch, our brains slow down as we... as we... um... hold on, I'll remember in a minute. What was I saying?

    starman, it's coming right up! Did you see it in advance? I think I accidentally published it when it was in draft form. See my reply to mitch above. ;)

  9. That last answer to starman explains why I'm seeing croci in my widgets!

  10. Pilgrims, of course! I'm from Massachusetts so if I didn't remember that from childhood there would be something wrong! :-)

  11. You saved me the effort to google the answer, puppyfur! I'm not from the East Coast so I'll use that as my excuse.

    Mary in Oregon


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