Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It snowed on Monday

So naturally I took the camera out with me on Tuesday morning's walk. Here's a preview. I'm going to finish up the fog photos and then come back to the snow.

Rose hips under fresh snow.

The temperature hovered around freezing while it snowed in the afternoon and evening then dipped just slightly below freezing overnight. I noticed that the only the smaller puddles were actually frozen solid. The pond had no ice at all on it.

But the forecast is for us to have a cold snap as the week progresses.


  1. Oh Walt - there you go again making us jealous down under. Snow, cold snaps, mist, I can't stand it any longer.
    Every day all we have is boring cloudless skies, hot sweaty days of the same mid 30s where people come to crowd our sandy beaches.
    How lucky you are.
    Great pics as usual.

  2. Walt

    Tomorrow it is Groundhog day here. I guess we will find out whether winter-like weather will end faster . Well we are not really experiencing winter - not enough snow on the ground

  3. Oh, I feel the chill! I've been looking around here Walt to take some great pictures like you post but there is nothing here (Lower Slower Delaware) but gray skies and wide expanses of earth tone fields, sans color. However, I did see one lone daffodil poke up and bloom through the gloom.

  4. Interesting "mountain" affect you caught the way the snow piled up and stuck to the chain-link fence.

    Very colorful.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. I agree, that is a lovely picture. He seemed to be surrounded by beautiful nature.

  6. leon, hahaha! Well, I must say that temps in the mid 30s are a bit high for my taste. I like the upper 20s just fine!

    judy, :) You must see a lot of this kind of thing most winters, no?

    t.b., while you're watching groundhogs, we'll be eating crêpes!

    ron, it's so nice when the bulbs start coming up!

    mary, it was like that everywhere!

    michael, it is a lovely place. Very gentle countryside.

  7. starman, it's a rose bush.


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