Friday, February 10, 2012

Tired of snow pictures yet?

I'm not, really. But I am tired of the cold. This cold snap is lasting a while and that's unusual. I must say, however, that we are very lucky. We have a good house with a working heating system, a wood stove and a decent supply of wood, functioning electricity, and a full pantry and freezer. And indoor plumbing.

Wild rose thorns under the snow.

I have seen a lot of stories on the news these past nights about people all over the country who live on the margins. People who sleep out there in tents or live in their cars. People with children who huddle in their apartments because they can't afford the heating bill. The shelters are open and volunteers work with the police to look for people who are in danger of exposure and try to get them to a shelter. They take blankets, food, and hot drinks to the people on the streets who refuse to go to a shelter. They try to find people living in sub-standard housing to offer help. And then, I think, what happens after the cold? It's back to living on the margins for most, I suspect.

When I see these stories on the news, my toes don't feel so cold after all.


  1. Nice sentiments Walt. Most of us live a life of relative comfort and it's a good reminder today of the plight of others. I too feel just a wee bit warmer after reading your post.

  2. I'm definitely not tired of snow photos, but it's so very cold. It's good to remember that some people have to face what we do for much longer periods, and that at least our meagre 14.5 degrees is plenty warm enough not to feel that uncomfortable.

  3. What century are you living in?
    I take it France isn't used to the extreme cold?
    Keep warm.

  4. Sorry but it's around 80 degrees here in Los Angeles. I'm running around in shorts. Glad I'm not living in France right now. But I do love the pictures.

  5. Yes, gratitude is a great antidote to the blahs. Most of us are very lucky indeed. We might not have all we want, but we often have all we need.

    Still, I hope things start warming up and melting around your neighborhood soon.

  6. Walt

    Yes you are right . I have been following the stories of the socially marginal people from different parts on France on the 8 o'clock news and I could not believe the advice of one "politique" who told the homeless people (SDF) NOT to venture out. I wonder on which planet she lives on

  7. We do tend to forget those less fortunate when we're sitting comfortably in our cozy apartments.

  8. keir, keep the home fires burning!

    ladyjustine, just a couple more days and things will warm up a bit.

    mark, long durations of below freezing temperatures are unusual for most of the country (except the mountains).

    scott, yes, but you're in Los Angeles (said by someone who lived for 20 years in San Francisco). ;)

    ginny, we're looking forward to the thaw!

    t.b., I heard that, too! Very weird.

    starman, n'est-ce pas.

  9. Lovely photo. Life is hard for some folk, all year round. Winter must be a nightmare.

  10. Beautiful, of course, photos. As for the tits... is that what they call great in France?


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