Thursday, February 02, 2012

Making our way through the woods

I'd really like to spend more time walking along the river, especially in better weather. Like I said, the only problem is getting the dog down there; there's a road with fast-moving vehicles to cross. It's just a lot easier to walk out the back yard and into the calm of the vineyards. I could put the dog in the car and drive down to the river, but that just seems wasteful, and she hates the car.

This is one of the paths that run through the woods along the river bank.

But you never know. She did really well crossing the road last week, so maybe we'll try it again in the spring. There looks to be a nice dirt road along the opposite bank of the river, but that would definitely entail taking the car as we'd have to go into Saint-Aignan to cross the bridge. We should probably just stick to exploring our side for now.


  1. A very nice, evocative shot, Walt.

  2. Yes, if it weren't for the incongruous vehicle tracks it would be a good illustration for Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' - but which you did?

  3. Why don't you put Callie on her
    leash as you approach the busy
    roadway and then release her
    once you are safely across?
    Maybe I misunderstand the
    problem you have.

  4. Beautiful photo, Walt! I was wondering about using a leash as well.

  5. Walt,

    I love photos of trails of into the Unknown. This is a beautiful one. I even like the ruts in the trail. Where there is no road, make one.

  6. Beautiful photo and this has nothing to do with this post but I made those savory muffins with goat cheese and rosemary last weekend and they were delicious!! Thanks for the link to the recipe.

  7. I didn't think about a leash - I was only thinking how nice to hear your thinking so much about Callie's feelings and emotions.

    A great pet owner.

    Mary in Oregon

  8. tim, thanks!

    raybeard, ah, that is the question!

    sheila, bettyann, jon-san, but then I'd have to carry the leash! You'd actually laugh if you saw the road. Very small two-lane road that we cross in a few steps. And there's not much traffic, but cars do zoom by as the speed limit is 90kph (about 55mph).

    ron, the spell is broken when you see a modern car driving through, but we were lucky not to see that this time.

    scott, cool! I'm glad they worked out. I liked them, too.

    mary, we do our best! ;)

  9. I have a black and white wood print almost identical to this photo - it is an archetypal image; the Journey into the Wood.


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