Sunday, July 29, 2012

All is not lost

While this summer has been a bit of a disappointment, we just had a glorious week of sun and heat. It was nearly too hot for sleeping a couple of nights there. Now we're back to more reasonable temperatures between 20º and 25º (the high 60s/low 70s F).

Last Thursday morning's walk through the vineyards with Callie. It didn't take long for those clouds to melt away.

The vegetable garden enjoyed the heat; it gave the plants a little push and they're looking good. The beans are producing and we're within a few days of the first harvest.


  1. We've had exactly the same here in England - it's getting a tad frustrating! August next week and it doesn't feel like summer has happened at all.

  2. The weather really has been odd. I am hoping that we will have a late winter as my vegetable garden is so late. We started picking beans early in the week and now we have masses so I have to think about bottling. I found last year's bottled beans were so much nicer than frozen. have a good week Diane

  3. I wondered what the Olympics coverage is like in France. Here, we have it on about 5 stations throughout the day -- it seems like any of the stations owned by NBC. We had good coverage of cycling, tennis, women's volleyball, men's gymnastics, and swimming, and something else, too-- El was watching last night, but I went to bed :)

    Enjoy your lovely weather... we woke up to light RAIN!!!!!! The first time in a month, other than one or two very, very brief downpours. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  4. Except for the damned commercials, the Olympic coverage here has been pretty good. I was very disappointed with the outcome of the men's bike race, and at the same time, I was happy for Vinokourov.

  5. What a lovely landscape! So envious!

  6. sharon, it's getting a bit old, isn't it?

    diane, I've had good luck with blanching and freezing.

    judy, rain for us today!

    starman, commercials drive me nuts, even more than the programming that interrupts them.

    writer, we like it!

    michael, me too!


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