Monday, July 02, 2012

If you like the taste of a lobster stew

Having dinner was our ultimate goal in Provincetown that Friday night. But when it came right down to it, we decided that we didn't want to have a big meal that would make us sleepy; we had an hour and a half drive to get back to our hotel afterward.

This place was very tempting, but we didn't end up eating here. Maybe next time.

Still, there are so many tempting places up and down Commercial Street. We had some recommendations from friends who had visited before, including the Lobster Pot in the photo above. As we strolled around, we looked in windows, glanced at menus, and kept getting hungrier.


  1. Wow, they serve Lobster and Pot! Only in America!

  2. You would not be able to keep me away from this place :) Diane

  3. Oh, man, that is SO New England :)))) I love it! I want to go!

  4. They certainly won't be accused of advertising subtlety.

  5. mark, maybe I should have gone in...

    diane, it was very tempting!

    judy, one of these days!

    starman, true!


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