Sunday, July 08, 2012

Up a lazy river

And now, back to France. This is the river we live on, Le Cher. I took the photo at the bridge in Montrichard, a town a few kilometers downriver from us. We were just back from our trip and had scheduled a meet-up with some Australian blogger friends.

The Cher River glides under the bridge at Montrichard. These buildings are on the opposite bank from town and the spot is called Le Bout du Pont (Bridge's End).

We had lunch on the square in town. It was a beautiful day and we had a great meal under the shade trees. The fog of jet lag had started to clear and we felt pretty good.

Ken among the happy folks from Down Under.

The occasion was the visit of two Australian couples. The first, Leon and Sue from outside of Melbourne, we had met a time or two in previous years. This year was a "milestone" birthday year for Sue and she and Leon spent about a month traveling around France (again!). The second couple are the sister and brother-in-law of yet a third couple of Australians who live not far from us: Susan and Simon who tend the blog called Days on the Claise.


  1. I can't remember what you said, but it clearly worked :-))

  2. Yes laughter all round, you obviously have the knack of making people happy. Have a good Sunday Diane

  3. It was a great trip this time because of the friends well met - that includes Diane and Nigel earlier before Montrichard, What a great day.

  4. Fond memories of your brief visit to the States in June. I've enjoyed your many posts about the trip and especially your visit to Boston and the coast north of here.

  5. Speaking of rain, wonder how Jean from the Grand Pressigny is doing in Derbyshire - saw on the news that that area is under water from very heavy rain.

  6. Love the photo de le pont!

  7. Walt,
    One of my dreams, to tour Europe. Of course England would be my first choice, then the continent. I could do it but I have no one to do it with and I will not travel alone. Bill doesn't like to travel. He's lived in Germany, Austria, and Japan. Can speak (some) the languages. He does so almost every day. Think he would travel with me? No way. He likes to stay at home. Always at home. At least I've convinced him to travel with me to the South and my ancestral homeland once a year. Beautiful pictures again Walt. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks like you had wonderful times with the Aussies!

    Another fab photo of reflections in the water, Walt.

  9. I've been away for a week; I am glad to see you back home. I look forward to all your summer shots and thoughts.

  10. susan, I may have snorted; that always seems to work!

    diane, hope your Sunday was grand! Ours was a little wet...

    leon, we enjoyed seeing you both again!

    bob, we had a great time. I'm hopeful we'll see you and Norma again before too long, either here or there.

    t.b., it does sound dreary, and it's not much better here, except we're not having floods.

    judy, food, wine, friends!

    starman, :)

    ron, I enjoy your photos and descriptions of your trips to Carolina. If you ever do come over here, let me know!

    mary, thanks!

    michael, welcome home! I'm glad you survived the bears. ;)

  11. I remember this bridge like yesterday... except it wasn't. It was 22 years ago we were living in Pontlevoy for the weekends and we went to Montrichard every Saturday morning. Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful and funny memories I have of the place.


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