Thursday, June 06, 2013

A little night music

Wednesday was a beautiful and productive day. I did some weeding in the vegetable garden, along with some watering. I cleaned out the planter boxes for the deck and got the petunias planted. I cut the grass and did other little things here and there. All this while Ken made lunch (he'll talk about that later).

Morning sun on the north side of the house. The two trees in the foreground are apples.

We got up to 24ºC (about 75ºF) and enjoyed clear skies most of the day. After lunch, I put tennis on television and sat out on the deck. It almost felt like summer. During the night I heard the pitter-patter of light rain on the roof.

Today I have a few more garden errands I want to accomplish before lunch. And it's women's semi-finals day at Roland Garros!


  1. Love the play of light in this photo...
    it just needs a faun with some pipes tripping merrily across!!

  2. Ah, it was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun, wasn't it.
    Lovely picture of your trees.

  3. I second tim's comment!

    just think, with the apples from your trees...tarte aux pommes!

  4. 24ºC is NOT summer by any stretch of the imagination!!!! I really like this photo!

    1. Coming from a very chilly part of the world, I can definitely confirm that 24° counts as a really good summer !!

  5. Une photo très artistique !

  6. Your photo looks like a beautiful oil painting.


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