Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Artichoke and sage

The sauge (sage) is flowering now and the artichauts (artichokes) are forming. So far I've counted three little artichokes. I planted framboises (raspberries) in April in the spot vacated by two other artichoke plants that succumbed to freezing temperatures a couple years back. The raspberry plants have a few little flowers on them.

Somehow the green plants look more lush on a foggy morning.

The days have been foggy, overcast, and wet of late. Thankfully we're expecting a couple of sunny days in advance of the weekend. I hope to take advantage and get the vegetable garden planted and the grass cut. Wish me luck!


  1. we had some severe thunderstorms last night between 5-8p. and yes, everything looks quite green this morning at 5:30a.

  2. Bon chance! Love this morning's photo.


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