Friday, May 02, 2014

The forest for the trees

The pink color on some of these trees' bark is very subtle and I'm not sure this photo does it justice. Seen against the intense green of new spring growth, it's very pretty. This is another shot taken down along the riverbank.

A stand of tall, straight trees near the river.

The weather has been rainy for a while now. We had quite a lot on Tuesday, over twenty-five millimeters (more than an inch) added to the fifteen mm we got over the weekend. I'm waiting now for a few dry days in a row so that I can get the grass cut again. Maybe on Saturday.


  1. we had 5 inches tuesday-wednesday. it's caused some major flooding around here. and more mud in the yard. :(

  2. Gorgeous picture. Even with the text about "pink," it caught me off-guard. Wow.

  3. anne marie, ugh!

    emm, thanks!


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