Saturday, May 10, 2014

Balloon lines

Last weekend, our first holiday weekend of three this month, we had a clear morning on Sunday. I counted six hot-air balloons in the sky around us. They were all pretty far away, but when I saw this one enter a forming tic-tac-toe board up in the wild blue yonder, I thought a photo was in order.

Jetliners create geometry in the sky.

The new stove arrived and is installed, mostly. The hose that connects it to the gas bottle is a little short (because the new stove is configured a little differently on the back) and it's not quite level. Today I'll go to the hardware store for a longer gas hose and we will change that out and level the appliance before putting it all back together.

So far we like it and plan to use the oven for the first time this weekend. Photos are forthcoming.


  1. neat pix. "I'll take paul lynde in the center square!"

    1. anne marie, and I'll take Charlie Weaver to block! :)

  2. Here is AZ every weekend there are dozens of hot air balloons. They are pretty but I wonder what prevents bumper car like floats.


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