Monday, May 26, 2014

Home grown salad

I've been making this salad for years after having seen it done on television one day. It's normally made with black radish, mimolette cheese, chervil, and oil and vinegar. This weekend I used our garden-grown white icicle radishes instead of a store-bought black radish, and I grew the chervil here as well.

Thinly sliced radish and shaved mimolette cheese in a light vinaigrette topped with chervil. Delicious!

The mimolette comes from the grocery, of course. I used sherry vinegar and olive oil, along with a good grind or two of black pepper. I also macerated the sliced radishes in salt for thirty minutes before rinsing and drying them for the salad. This dish makes a good appetizer before the main course.


  1. That looks stunning! Is it a winter salad? When I tried growing chervil it did nothing all summer then suddenly took off in the autumn. Black radishes are a winter crop too (radis noir d'hiver) and you can get the seeds from the Bricos, places like Gamme Vert abd pepinières as well as on line, I grew Black Spanish Round but they were hot as Hades so I didn't try again, but we got some from the market and they were good, just a hint of pepper, so I might have another go. The icicle radish looks really classy though.

  2. You always have the lovely meals; beautiful too.

  3. pauline, I think chervil likes very cool weather. I've only had success with it in weather like we're having now. I see black radishes in the supermarket all year long, but you're probably right about it being a winter dish.

    stuart, it sure is!

    michael, we try to keep things interesting, and tasty.

    chris, :)


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