Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hydrangea update

Remember when I made cuttings from our hydrangea and tried to root them? Well, they survived and now it's almost time to plant them outdoors. This is what they look like now.

I didn't expect them to flower in the first year.

We still have to dig out the plants in front of the house to make room for the hydrangeas. That will be a chore, but we'll get there. If you don't remember what these looked like back in December of last year, here's a reminder.

Here are the cuttings back in December, after they had rooted for a few months.


  1. Great work, Walt! I'll take one of those aloe stems to use the medicinal qualities on my surgical seam from the wrist surgery! (just kidding - I will be getting a couple from my friend, JoAnna!) Guess I might try my hand at hydrangea cuttings.

    Mary in OR

  2. I can see seven healthy plants from seven cuttings. Great job! You couldn't get better from a pépinière at, what, 12 euros apiece? I love those mopheads but not the pink/blue ones. P

  3. Inspirational post! I will try to do cuttings this fall. You really have a green thumb, Walt.

  4. You really have a green thumb......I'm very impressed!

  5. Oh great job Walt ! Hydrangeas were one of my Mother's favorites. They don't grow well in my garden lot, but I nonetheless have a few of them there. I am so impressed with your ability to grow items from seed and stem. I still manage to kill some of the seedlings I buy….

  6. mary, it was pretty easy, but I started over six months ago!

    pauline, I saved a little money there, eh?

    anne marie, they can be amazing.

    judy, :)

    nadege, n'est-ce pas!

    evelyn, mostly luck. I have plenty of disasters.

    kristi, I only show my successes...

    christine, like I said, plenty of failures here, too. I just don't show them off. ;)


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