Saturday, May 24, 2014


I like having geraniums in the planter boxes on the deck every year. Red geraniums are very French; you see them everywhere from spring through fall. They add intense color to every house and village and city around the country.

One of three planters on the deck. These plants should triple in size by mid-summer.

The geraniums I got for the kitchen window boxes are not red. They're a kind of violet color. I'll take a photo once I have them planted and they flower a little more.


  1. Yeah, I think geraniums are great. They're rugged and have great color.

  2. Us too!
    But there is one windowbox...
    just as you enter Grand Pressigny...
    which is planted with three slightly different shades...
    just enough to clash and make your brain howl...
    as the eyes try and cope!!

    I love this trough, by the by...

  3. Sympa! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your flowers in the window boxes.

  4. Whatever Evelyn says is always what I was thinking :) Ditto.


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