Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blue columbine

Ken posted photos of these flowers yesterday. I noticed he didn't have a photo of the blue ones, so here they are.

Blue columbine, or ancolies, with a pink one in the background.

The weather has gone all rainy at the moment. It's good for the plants, but will interrupt most of our garden work, including planting seeds and setting out the seedlings. This is not unusual. I'm sure there will be several opportunities in the coming week or so to get the vegetable garden in.


  1. Yes, this looks to be a good week for you to sit in your living room and enjoy the view out your new windows. What rich color in those columbines.

  2. The Columbines I had growing in Wisconsin and Illinois were more dainty with not such a beautiful bloom as yours! Mine as I recall were more finely sculpted. I must research the species and try to find out what kind have such beautiful fullness, like yours.

    Mary in OR


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